Clare Annice McCarthy

“I started painting after I retired in 2002.  I raised 6 children who are all very artistic and I often wondered if they got any of it from their mother.  I only had one art class in high school and I remember liking it a lot.  A friend of mine from high school, whom I am still very close to, had started painting and invited (well, almost pushed me) into going to art class with her.  I was amazed when I discovered what I could make happen.  I felt like a kid in first grade who brought home a picture to put on the refrig.  My daughter, Marni, set me up with all the good colors of paints as a birthday gift and I was on my way!  I started getting books, going on line, taking classes and craved more and more knowledge about art – especially watercolor.  I also started (with the same friend’s push) to paint on porcelain, another medium that I just love!  I take classes at the local high school every semester and take others with me so they too can discover the joy of painting.  I have had many art shows locally in Hatboro, PA (a littlel north of Philly) and with my daughter, Marni Maree in D.C.  I am a member of the Doylestown Art League, and the Bucks-Mont Art League.

I am so happy when others enjoy my art.I am having the time of my life. ”
Clare Annice resides in Hatboro, PA.
Look what she was hiding for all of those years!